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Small eats, and a lot of them, are the big thing in Taiwan. The culinary philosophy here is eat often and eat well. Sure, there’s the internationally accepted three-meals-a-day dining format, but why be so limited when you can make like the Taiwanese and indulge in gourmet snacking at any time of the day?

B Waffle Taipei

Just Coffee and Waffles at this sexy little eaterie… popular in the afternoons and at weekends.

Stylish yet unassuming, the A8 Cafe is a mecca for Taipei's cool gays and celebrities.

Stylish yet unassuming, the A8 Cafe is a mecca for Taipei’s cool gays and celebrities.

Our guide to dining out in Taipei.

Dining out in Taipei is a foodies dream come true. Not surprisingly, the main types of cuisine are Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hong Kong food. However the city’s international reputation and trend setting background has brought some of the finest international chefs to the city’s top hotels. So you can dine out in style or pick up some delicious authentic Taiwanese food at one of the local street stalls, the choice is yours.

Taipei’s street food is both safe and delicious to eat. Try some delicious beef noodles or mee sua. And there’s nothing quite like the smell of stinky tofu! It must be an acquired taste.

Finally, if there are two items you must try when in Taiwan, the first would be xiaolongbao or steamed dumplings from Din Tai Fung. Go to the original branch located on Xinyi road at the corner of Yong Kang Street. The food chain is now an international phenomenon.

And for those with a sweet-tooth, try an Ice Mountain, a delicious desert with fresh fruit toppings such as mango or strawberry on a pile of shaved ice. The locals favorite place to have one is Yong Kang.

Eating out in Taiwan is quite inexpensive. In fact, many locals will eat out all the time in casual restaurants rather than cooking at home. We have selected a shortlist of restaurants worth considering when in Taipei. All offer excellent service, an international menu and great locations.

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  • Food Markets!

    The Taiwanese capital, Taipei, has around 20 streets dedicated to snacking. Head to Shilin Night Market and enjoy  deliciously crisp pan fried dumplings, steamed gua bao (pork bun with peanut crumble), heaping bowls of shaved ice, sausage-wrapped-sausage and more

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Taipei has a wide range of food types to suit all tastes. Our recommendations are based on our local editors feedback and offer something for everyone, from traditional local flavours to international delights.

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